35kV Power Transformer

35kV Oil-immersed Power Transformer

Product introduction

The 35kV oil-immersed power transformer adopts the combination of advanced production equipment and lean manufacturing process, which has the advantages of low loss, low noise, strong resistance to sudden short circuit and beautiful appearance. The transformer can have the four remote functions of "remote communication, remote measurement, remote adjustment and remote control", and can be controlled remotely by computer to realize the unattended substation.

Product features
  • Low Loss

    1) adopt magnetic flux leakage (MFL) calculation, take effective measures to reduce the stray loss, at the same time effectively prevent local overheating and reduce the temperature rise of winding hot spots. 2) reasonable selection of coil conductor, reduce the winding eddy current loss, stray loss and other additional losses. 3) optimize the transposition between parallel wires to make the cross-link flux even and reduce the circulation loss caused by magnetic leakage.

  • High Resistance to Short Circuit

    1) the short circuit mechanical force is calculated by dynamic analysis method. 2) the windings are wound by vertical winding machine or horizontal winding machine with tensioning device, lined with cardboard tube. 3) wire transposition adopts hydraulic transposition tool. 4) the body adopts constant pressure drying and integral assembly, and the integral assembly adopts hot suit.

  • Low Noise

    1) select high-quality core materials, select appropriate magnetic flux density and natural vibration frequency of the core. 2) the high-precision joger line with stepping shearing and automatic stacking function is adopted to reduce the burr of silicon steel sheet. 3) iron core stacking adopts "stepped full oblique step lap joint technology" to improve the magnetic flux distribution at the joints. 4) PET tape is used to evenly tie the iron core to reduce the vibration of the iron core. 5) the iron core is "soft connected" with the oil tank as a whole to reduce the noise transmission of the body to the oil tank.

  • Low Temperature Rise

    1) calculate the oil flow distribution, adopt a reasonable oil flow distribution structure, and reduce the winding hot spot temperature rise and average temperature rise. 2) large capacity transformer winding is set with axial oil channel. 3) control winding transverse eddy current loss.

Application scenarios
  • The Tunnel

  • Airport

  • New energy generation

  • Thermal power plant

  • Power grid (state grid, south grid, etc.)

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