Electric Power Maintenance

Product introduction

  Power equipment and power lines are important parts of the power network, and their operation status is directly related to the stable operation of the power grid. Therefore, the detection, monitoring and predictive maintenance of power equipment and power lines is an important means to ensure the safety of equipment and stable operation of the power grid.

  Our company sets up professional monitoring and maintenance teams to provide professional power maintenance services for state grid corporation and customers of special electric power transformation.

The company has the qualification of electric power installation, repair and test, and can be engaged in the maintenance service of substation of 110kV and below voltage grade. After more than 10 years of development, has rich experience, professional technology, efficient management, can provide users with safe, economical, efficient power maintenance services.

Product features
  • Troubleshooting

    We have experienced, professional and solid electric power team, able to timely identify the cause of electrical equipment failure, quick troubleshooting, to ensure the safety of power supply.

  • Preventive Maintenance

    Periodic maintenance, also known as periodic maintenance, can set maintenance cycle for the operation of equipment, so as to reduce the failure rate of equipment and ensure the safe operation of equipment.

  • State overhaul

    Intelligent monitoring device is provided to ensure the normal operation of the equipment by arranging the maintenance date and content of the procedures such as information collection, processing and analysis of the power equipment.

Product features
  • On-line Monitoring

    Advanced automatic monitoring technology can be used to master the operation data of electric equipment in real time and accurately, so as to protect the safe operation of electric equipment.

  • Professional Comprehensive

    We have A qualified and comprehensive maintenance team, which can carry out A, B, C and D maintenance on the electrical equipment according to different conditions to ensure the operation safety.

  • Efficient Quickly

    We have a standard management, skilled, style of work, excellent service staff, can quickly respond to customer needs, complete the task.

  • Always Online

    We take the 24 hours uninterrupted service concept, always on standby, rain or shine, for your power operation escort.

Application scenarios
  • Substation

  • Electric Power Equipment

  • Overhead Line

  • Cable Line

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