Power Emergency Repair

Product introduction

  The comprehensive energy service co., LTD., a subsidiary of our group company, can provide professional electric power emergency repair services within the city.

Mainly engaged in the emergency repair and troubleshooting work when the customer's electrical equipment is forced to stop operation in an emergency due to failure, and the operation needs to be resumed within a short time. Our company can organize personnel and equipment to carry out urgent repair immediately after the occurrence of electrical accident, and restore the original operation as quickly as possible.

Product features
  • Fault clearing

    When there is an electrical fault, professional repair personnel can quickly go to eliminate the fault, restore power supply.

  • Replace The Equipment

    We have a strong reserve of electrical equipment resources, can quickly replace the damaged equipment, improve the efficiency of repair.

  • Restore Power

    We have professional staff, rush repair equipment, urgent others urgent, quickly restore the normal operation of the power system.

Product features
  • Rigorous System

    The company has a set of electric power emergency repair system and work standards with clear, efficient and applicable job responsibilities, to ensure smooth work and personal and property safety.

  • Professional Team

    We have a strict style of work, good technology, engaged in power emergency repair for many years of construction team, to ensure that the power system quickly restore normal work.

  • Advanced Equipment

    We have professional power repair equipment and related electrical equipment, greatly improve the timeliness of repair.

  • Always Online

    We take the 24 hours uninterrupted service concept, always on standby, rain or shine, for your power operation escort.

Application scenarios
  • Overhead Line

  • Substation

  • Cable Line

  • Electrical Equipment

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