Substation Operation Service

Product introduction

Run iterative inspection service is geared to the needs of the general industrial and commercial enterprises, public institutions and other power change of customers, provide substation running state monitoring, abnormal forecasting warning, alarm, and power consumption data query and report analysis function, help customers to improve the efficiency of the substation running management, eliminate the pt d blind area, security, reduce cost, achieve enterprise substation management specialization, intellectualization and visualization; And by the professional operation and maintenance engineers to the customer substation to carry out regular inspection, substation power off and close operation of a substation high-tech services.

Product features
  • Intelligent Management

    Relying on the high reliability substation remote intelligent management system, we provide expert operation services and technical support for customers.

  • Data analysis

    Conduct the whole process analysis and management of the health status, power efficiency, power quality, reactive power compensation and other working conditions of the customer's electrical equipment.

  • Maintenance

    Carry out regular maintenance, maintenance and inspection of the substation, and keep records to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the electrical equipment.

Product features
  • Rigorous System

    The company has a set of substation operation and management system and work standards that are clear, efficient, applicable and standardized, as well as a professional guidance outline for substation operation and management.

  • Professional Team

    We have a professional technical management team that has been engaged in substation operation for many years with rigorous style and excellent technology. We strictly implement the "two votes and three rules" of state grid corporation of China to ensure the safe and stable operation of power stations.

  • Advanced Technology

    By means of modern technology, the unattended and remote centralized monitoring management mode has been successfully realized, which greatly reduces the operating cost of the entrusting party.

  • Always Online

    24 hours uninterrupted management services, to ensure the continuous safety and economic operation of customer substations. Help customers focus on their core business and create a competitive advantage.

Application scenarios
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