Equipment Handover Test

Equipment handover test is an important process of comprehensive inspection and testing after the installation of building electrical engineering.

Product introduction

Equipment handover test is the heavy industry process of comprehensive testing after the installation of building electrical engineering, in order to determine whether the project conforms to the specified requirements, whether the power can be put into operation. Only the handover test is qualified, the building electrical engineering can be electric trial operation. The company has a professional test team and sophisticated test equipment, through intelligent management, to achieve efficient, safe, economic power test services. At the same time, it provides users with the electrical equipment test and inspection service before the transformer and distribution station is electrified or periodically. To ensure the normal and stable operation of electrical equipment through the inspection of electrical equipment.

Product features
  • The Archive

    File and save the electrical equipment test report to provide basic reference data for future operation and maintenance.

  • Prevent

    Check the quality of the electrical equipment produced by the manufacturer to ensure the safety and economic operation of the power system. Also known as "preventative trials".

  • Inspection

    Verify whether the electrical equipment meets the technical requirements for the operation of the power system and meets the requirements of users.

  • Check

    Check whether the electrical equipment is damaged in the process of installation and whether the installation quality meets the requirements of the regulations.

Product features
  • Insulation Test

    Through the test, check the electrical equipment's overall insulation.

  • Characteristic Test

    Testing certain electrical or mechanical properties of electrical equipment.

  • Professional services

    We have a professional test team and excellent test equipment, can undertake the technical services and training of various projects.

  • Efficient and Convenient

    Through intelligent management, we can carry out field handover tests for various projects.

Application scenarios
  • Transformer

  • GIS

  • Substation

  • Generator

  • Cable

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