Enterprise Smart Energy Management and Control Pla

Through the advanced Internet of things technology to water, electricity, gas, heat and other energy data real-time acquisition and all-round remote monitoring

Product introduction

Through advanced Internet technology for water, electricity, gas, heat energy, such as real-time data acquisition and remote monitoring, comprehensive help large industrial enterprises, colleges and universities, hotels and other real time control of the different regions, different customer categories of energy consumption, and provide the professional scientific energy optimization, improve equipment stability and economy, help the user to achieve the goal of saving energy and reducing consumption, safe operation, fine management. The complete functions of data collection and monitoring, energy consumption analysis, optimal scheduling and basic energy management are realized.

It can be accessed and viewed through the computer or mobile phone APP to obtain the current operating data of the electricity system and the operating status information of the equipment. It can also actively push alarm information to the mobile phone of the operator.

Product features
  • Energy Screen

    Enterprises in different regions, different types of energy at a glance.

  • Intelligent Operation

    Integrated with online monitoring and equipment management, the whole process of operation and maintenance management.

  • Real-time Monitoring of Equipment Energy Consumption

    Real-time monitoring of equipment basic information, operation records, energy consumption statistics.

  • Analysis of Energy Consumption

    According to the energy structure of the enterprise, the statistical analysis of energy consumption in different types and regions can be improved.

  • Energy consumption warning

    The system provides the function of early warning of energy consumption. By setting the energy consumption threshold, the system can remind the enterprise managers of the enterprise energy utilization dynamics in real time.

  • Corporate Energy Overview

    Energy is concentrated on board: real-time monitoring of electricity, water and gas consumption on the day, comparative analysis of energy consumption and transport status on the day, month, year and day, the board for energy use of equipment, and visible energy use of all equipment.

Product features
  • Cloud Service Platform

    All electricity data is stored on the cloud, which is more secure.

  • Regional energy Consumption and Equipment Energy Using

    The system can be analyzed for different areas and types of energy consumption.

  • Energy Consumption Data Analysis

    It analyzes the trend of total energy use in enterprises, the comparison of energy use in different regions, the comparison of energy use in equipment, and the optimization and scheduling tools of energy planning.

  • Energy Consumption Display Screen

    Based on the cockpit to achieve transparent, refined management, intuitive understanding of the situation of energy use.

  • Energy Saving Diagnostic Analysis Tool

    The system can monitor the energy consumption of electricity, water and gas, and can also monitor the energy consumption of equipment.

  • 365*24 Hours Operation and Maintenance

    24-hour offline operation and maintenance team to protect your safe electricity.

Application scenarios
  • Chemical Enterprise

  • Pharmaceutical Enterprise

  • Industrial and Technological Parks

  • Industrial and Mining Enterprises

  • Iron and Steel Enterprises

  • Equipment Manufacture

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