Operation and Maintenance Platform of Distribution

Based on the Internet of things, big data, cloud computing and other core technical capabilities

Product introduction

Based on Internet of things, big data and cloud computing ability, the core technologies such as using all kinds of sensor acquisition enterprise key power and equipment operating data, starting from the enterprise security, energy saving, the depth of the transformer substations full line power data, and provides the running state monitoring and fault alarm, abnormal warning service, realize the transformer room "unattended, less people on duty". The whole life cycle management of electrical equipment in the construction enterprise is to provide one-thing, one-code management, comprehensively control the health index of equipment, and establish asset detailed files, maintenance records, maintenance records, life cycle, operation status and data management.

The intelligent operation and maintenance center is deeply integrated with online monitoring and power equipment management to manage the whole process of operation and maintenance work.

Product features
  • Real-time Online Monitoring

    Online real-time monitoring of power consumption data of multiple sub-lines and sub-lines in power distribution room.

  • Safety Utilization of ELectric Power

    Electricity safety, leakage monitoring.

  • Environmental Safety

    Video monitoring, environmental temperature and humidity, water flooding monitoring, access control, fire safety.

  • The Power Quality

    Power quality monitoring, power equipment safety, energy consumption data analysis, energy use trend analysis, power quality management, equipment energy use analysis, monthly professional analysis report.

  • Equipment Management

    Manage the electrical equipment through the mode of small program and APP scanning code, and manage the entire life cycle of the electrical equipment, and record all operation and maintenance logs.

  • Alarm Warning

    When the system is diagnosed as abnormal, it shall accurately locate the abnormal information and timely notify users and operation and maintenance personnel by means of interface message, SMS, APP push, etc.

  • Intelligent Operation

    Integrated with online monitoring and equipment management, the whole process of operation and maintenance management.

Product features 1
  • Cloud Service Platform

    All electricity data is stored on the cloud, which is more secure.

  • Full Life Cycle Management of Equipment

    Provide one-thing, one-code management for electrical equipment, and record all operation and maintenance logs of equipment.

  • Big Data Analysis

    Big data analysis, diagnosis of user safety and electricity health index.

  • High Reliability

    High concurrency active reporting, multi-dimensional perception measurement, multiple communication methods.

  • 365*24 Hours Operation and Maintenance

    24-hour offline operation and maintenance team to protect your safe electricity.

Application scenarios
  • Industrial Parks, Science Parks

  • Shopping Malls, Hotels, Apartments

  • Office Buildings

  • Industrial Enterprise

  • Hospitals, Schools and Other Fields

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