Buried Landscape Transformer

Product introduction

The traditional box-type substation occupies the golden ground of the downtown randomly, and the beautiful urban environment gradually appears very disharmonious. At the same time, the construction of urban planning, highways and public facilities has increasingly high requirements for power equipment. In Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries, according to the concept of urban ecological design, transformers have been gradually buried underground for installation.  Buried box transformer is a new complete set of electric power equipment introduced, designed and developed to meet the requirements of the above fields. Landscape buried pre-installed substation (hereinafter referred to as buried box transformer) has been gradually accepted by the distribution market in China in recent years due to its unique technology and comprehensive economic advantages.

Product features
  • Wide Range of Use

    Suitable for urban environments (installed in basements and cellars), especially in densely populated central cities, as well as lighting and power systems for streets, highways, Bridges, tunnels, parking lots, airports, harbors, tourist attractions, etc.

  • High Safety Performance

    The protection shell of the high and low voltage cabinet adopts double-layer door structure, the protection grade is up to IP34, the small size, light weight, green energy-saving LED luminescent components, the site installation is simple and fast, the transformer body shell is made of anticorrosive stainless steel, completely sealed, the protection system fully considers the operation and safety of the equipment.

  • Reasonable Arrangement of Internal Structure

    Considering the particularity of the cooling conditions, transformer with low loss and low temperature greatly save the cost for the customer design, fully meet the particularity of the cooling conditions, equipment parts according to the customer's requirement on the ground, flexible using different materials to make precast, transformer installed in the pit waterproof into protection and automatic drainage device.

Application scenarios
  • Urban green space

  • The highway

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