Pre-fabricated Substation (European Type)

Product introduction

Pre-installed substation, also known as European box transformer. It's a kind of HV switch equipment, distribution transformers and LV power distribution equipment, according to the wiring scheme must be arranged in one of the factory indoor, outdoor compact type distribution equipment, the step-down transformer, low voltage power distribution, and other functions organically combined together, installed in a moisture, rust, dust, rat, fire prevention, guard against theft, thermal insulation, fully enclosed, movable steel structure, especially suitable for city network construction and retrofit, is the civil substation after the rise of a new substation. Preinstalled substation is applicable to mines, factories, enterprises, oil and gas fields and wind power stations, it replaces the original civil power distribution room, power distribution station, become a new set of substation.

Product features
  • Rich and Reasonable Layout

    The preinstalled substation has the characteristics of strong integrity, small size, compact structure, safe and reliable operation, convenient maintenance and portability. The box shell is made of various materials and has a beautiful appearance. On the premise of ensuring the reliability of power supply, the shell color of the box substation is selected to coordinate with the surrounding environment, which is especially suitable for urban construction.

  • Wide Range of Use

    Suitable for streets, highways, Bridges, tunnels, parking lots, communities, tourist attractions and other lighting and power systems, especially for the transformation of urban power grid.

  • High Safety Performance

    Safe and reliable power supply: can provide perfect mechanical or electrical chain, to meet the "five defense" requirements, to ensure personal safety; The transformer is based on natural ventilation. When the temperature of the transformer chamber exceeds the set temperature, the axial flow fan installed on the top will automatically start to control the temperature of the transformer chamber.

  • The Internal Structure Layout Is Abundant and Reasonable

    As each functional unit is independent, each unit can be customized according to user requirements, so the selection range is large and the ability to adapt to the market is strong. High degree of automation, protection system using microcomputer integrated substation automation devices, which can realize "four control", namely, telemetry, remote communication, remote control, remote regulating, each unit shall be independent operation function, protection function is all ready, can be set up the operation parameters of the distance, to control the casing humidity, temperature and the distance the smoke alarm, meet the requirements of the unattended. According to the needs can also achieve remote image monitoring.

Application scenarios
  • The scenic area green space

  • Residential district

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