Three Phase Oil-immersed Petrochemical Transformer

Special Oil-immersed Petrochemical Transformer of 10kV and Below

Product introduction

Oil-immersed petrochemical special transformer, the HV is 10 kv and below, LV is 400 v, and its capacity is 2500 kva and below. General installation in transformer room or ground platforms, for lighting or power supply, three-phase power supply. Thr transformer adopts protective structure, outlet and inlet line of closed type, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the transformer.

Product features
  • Low Loss

    1) adopt magnetic flux leakage calculation and take effective measures to reduce the stray loss. 2) select winding conductor according to the quantity. Reduce winding eddy current loss and stray loss. 3) high quality silicon steel sheet is adopted to effectively reduce no-load loss.

  • Low Noise

    1) select high-quality core materials, select appropriate magnetic flux density and natural vibration frequency of the core. 2) the iron core automatic production line of GEORG company in Germany adopts stepped joint technology to improve magnetic separation at joints. 3) the high-precision jogger line with stepping shearing and automatic stacking function is adopted to reduce the burr of silicon steel sheet.

  • Low Temperature Rise

    1) calculate the oil flow distribution, adopt a reasonable oil flow distribution structure, and reduce the winding hot spot temperature rise and average temperature rise. 2) the slotted structure of pressing plate is adopted to ensure the smooth oil road and reduce the temperature rise.

  • High Resistance to Short Circuit

    1) the short circuit mechanical force is calculated by dynamic analysis method. 2) the high-voltage winding wire is automatically wound by flattening process to increase the wire hardness and strengthen the mechanical strength of the winding.

  • Fully Sealed Structure Without Lifting Core

    1) the oil tank adopts fully sealed oil tank to isolate the transformer oil from the air and slow down the insulation aging of the transformer oil. 2) the sealing parts are made of acrylate to enhance the sealing reliability of the transformer.

  • High Anti-pollution Capability

    The live parts of the high and low voltage bushing are sealed with protective cover structure, which ensures the safe operation of the transformer under special environmental conditions.

Application scenarios
  • Petrochemical petroleum engineering

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