Three Phase Oil-immersed Amorphous Alloy Transform

35kV level and below oil-immersed amorphous alloy transformer

Product introduction

Three-phase oil-immersed amorphous alloy transformer, its HV level is 35kV and below, LV is 400V, its capacity is 2500kVA and below, the core material is amorphous alloy , have lower loss. Generally installed on the pole or in the distribution room, for lighting or power supply, three-phase power supply, fully sealed tank structure, ensure the transformer safe and reliable operation.

Product features
  • Low Noise

    1) use high quality amorphous alloy strip and select appropriate flux density. 2) the body and the bottom of the box and the hanging board are equipped with shockproof pads, and the body and the oil tank are assembled with soundproof boards to reduce the noise generated by the body to the oil tank.

  • Low Loss

    1) due to the characteristics of amorphous alloy strip, no-load loss is 70-80% lower than that of traditional transformers with silicon steel sheet and iron core. 2) four-frame and five-column iron core structure is adopted, and the no-load current is about 50% lower than the silicon steel structure transformer.

  • Low Temperature Rise

    1) calculate the oil flow distribution, adopt a reasonable oil flow distribution structure, and reduce the winding hot spot temperature rise and average temperature rise. 2) use small oil gap and multiple oil channels. 3) the slotted structure of pressing plate is adopted to ensure the smooth oil road and reduce the temperature rise.

  • High Resistance to Short Circuit

    1) the short circuit mechanical force is calculated by dynamic analysis method. 2) the high-voltage winding wire is automatically wound by flattening process to increase the wire hardness and strengthen the mechanical strength of the winding. 3) the winding adopts grid oil channel to improve short circuit resistance.

Application scenarios
  • Column top transformer

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